Ivan Pastyrcak
Composer, Recording Engineer and Studio Acoustician
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The Dream

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Composer for Film & Media
Film Documentary
22 Aug 2020
Maroš Hečko (slovak screenwriter, musician and film producer)

,,Veronika Koniarová’s film “DREAM” is a portrait of a person, a strong woman who went a long 90-year journey from East to West. “Baba”, as her friends and family call her, keeps the flame from her birthplace, watering and caring for it as if it was her rare flower. The relationship with daughters and granddaughters is revealed gradually, the director reveals it in each new scene and gives it a magnificent but non-pathetic dimension. I would also suggest the film as a material for educating young people in our schools, because if I called something a traditional family, it would definitely be the family around Baba.”