Ivan Pastyrcak
Composer, Recording Engineer and Studio Acoustician
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Composer for Film & Media

KSK Advertising Spot

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Composer for Film & Media
Advertising Spot
10 Oct 2019

The Story Behind

This is the composition I did for the City Council of Kosice (Slovakia) for their presentation in Brussel, Belgium during the conference European Week of Regions & Cities 2019. It was a great experience and the terms of the video regularly changed so I had to adapt quickly. Therefore, while I was composing, I had to think about the process and techniques, so it will be possible to edit the full score to the picture, on the deadline day. Besides, I have mixed and mastered the audio to the professional standard level. Even though the circumstances were not favourable, I was able to finish this project to the high standard, and the client was delighted with the final result.